Wednesday, December 31, 2008


GMAC bail out, good money after bad.......

This BAIL OUT BULLSHIT has now become personal. GMAC the economic lending institution that has helped GM sell us all those gas guzzlers that killed our planet is now getting money to sustain itself.
I remember these guys. I lost my job in another city and had to move back to my home town to start over. I had to declare bankruptcy. It was hard times in the 80's but I did it I had a brand new car, financed through these BASTARDS at GMAC. I wrote them letters and tried to negotiate with them. They would not. I went to Bankruptcy and wrote them saying that I would keep making my payments. They charged me a late fee for each and every payment that I made for two and a half years on time to them after that. I tried to make double payments. I tried letters. No. GMAC charged me a late fee for all the time left on my contact. I vowed never to do business with them again and I have not.
I did have a great time with the $600 that the disasterpresident sent me for stimulating the economy. I am not enjoying the payoffs of 4 billion dollars to the BASTARDS that were not willing to help me out when I was down. It is time to let these old institutions fail. We need a NEW WAY of doing CAPITALISM, because 'Free' Market Capitalism does not and is not working. We need to move to COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM, where people and not institutions or the FED have a say in how wealth is distributed in society.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Our double standard at work again........

It amazes me again. We are going after some silly Governor for selling a Senate seat. For a pay for play system of campaign contributions to stay in power. The press are hounding him. He cant go out for a jog without a troop of reporters there, asking him questions that everyone knows he is not going to answer. He told them the other day 'Hang Loose'. Everyone took this as brazen. Dont we still live in a Democracy. Have you all gotten so jaded by the elimination of Habeas Corpus and having your phones tapped that you have lost your sensibilities of peoples rights? This guy is getting assassinated in the press before he gets his day in court. Do we rule by the mob, or by Jerry Springer Justice? That was France in 1789.
I dont see anyone going after the disasterpresident for giving out no bid contracts to the people that made contributions to get him into office. I dont see the press interrupting his jog to ask him why he and his vice disasterpresident and his disastersecretary of Defense authorized the torture, and rendition of US citizens and foreigners. I dont understand why the American people have not stood up and thrown shoes at these Traitors to American(and World)Democracy. We have lost our senses as well as our rights under the Constitution. We are allowing now the Rape of our wilderness and the further erosion of our rights by the last minute orders of Treasonist Bastards.
Of course this does not surprise me, we stood by and allowed this disasteradministration to Kill and Maim thousands of our sons and daughters for Political and Economic gain.
The guy(Muntazer al-Zaidi) is the bravest man in the world the other day. He did what we have all been thinking, show this coward for what he is. We need to hold ALL our leaders to a better standard and do something about it with all of them if they appear to go astray. THERE NEEDS TO BE A WAR CRIMES TRIAL FOR ALL THE TOP DISASTERADMINISTRATION LEADERS. If we as a people dont do this, then it will be our sons and daughters that were ordered to do their dirty work(just like at Abu Ghraib)that will be put on trial for WAR CRIMES.

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