Wednesday, December 31, 2008


GMAC bail out, good money after bad.......

This BAIL OUT BULLSHIT has now become personal. GMAC the economic lending institution that has helped GM sell us all those gas guzzlers that killed our planet is now getting money to sustain itself.
I remember these guys. I lost my job in another city and had to move back to my home town to start over. I had to declare bankruptcy. It was hard times in the 80's but I did it I had a brand new car, financed through these BASTARDS at GMAC. I wrote them letters and tried to negotiate with them. They would not. I went to Bankruptcy and wrote them saying that I would keep making my payments. They charged me a late fee for each and every payment that I made for two and a half years on time to them after that. I tried to make double payments. I tried letters. No. GMAC charged me a late fee for all the time left on my contact. I vowed never to do business with them again and I have not.
I did have a great time with the $600 that the disasterpresident sent me for stimulating the economy. I am not enjoying the payoffs of 4 billion dollars to the BASTARDS that were not willing to help me out when I was down. It is time to let these old institutions fail. We need a NEW WAY of doing CAPITALISM, because 'Free' Market Capitalism does not and is not working. We need to move to COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM, where people and not institutions or the FED have a say in how wealth is distributed in society.

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