Saturday, September 30, 2006


News Headline from the Radical Republican Congress......

The House Republican leadership has known about Congressman Mark Foley R-Fl and his little problem with young boys for almost two years(and longer for the rumors in the House), and they have done nothing. It was not until it hit the papers in all its graphic detail did the Radical Republican leadership finally make the statement "We want to make sure our pages are safe" said Dennis Hastert R-Ill. If we wanted these boys safe, why didnt the Radical Republican Family Values party do something about it when they recieved the e-mails and text in 2005? John Shimkus R-Ill investigated this matter for the House Page Board in 2005. He read the emails and text that went like this: "You in your boxers too?... Well, strip down and get naked." and "Do I make you a little horny?" John Shimkus R-Ill " believed no impropriety had occurred" with the Congressional Pages that got e-mails and text messages like the above quotes from Mark Foley R-Fl to underage boys in the Congressional Page program. So mr Hastert, your solution to Republicans molesting boy pages in the House of Representatives was already taken care of by your Party of Family Values in 2005, they found nothing wrong with this. That is the representation that I want in my Congress, isnt it yours America? Didnt we just prosecute and investigate alot of Catholic Bishops for this kind of behavior. The cover up of molest and sexual deviance is a crime. Where is the prosecution of this? Where is the arrest? Where is the outrage of Americans for the Republican Rubberstap Congress, and Leadership in the White House that allows and condons and covers up molest of boys amoung Republican peers? Maybe the Republican Party needs to join forces with NAMBLA. Then the Republicans can come out of the closet and drop the whole pretense of Family Values and be known for what they really represent, POWER and MONEY. Republicans have the idea that I can do what I want, When I want, to whom I want, Any time I want, Anywhere in the World I want, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Sadly, America, the next answer that the Republicans will come up with (Like the Catholic Church) is to just move these guys around to a different Congressional District, get them elected in their safe Radical Republican seat so they can support the disasterpresident in his quest to erode American Values and Image in the World. The people will not know that they were molesting boys in the last (parrish) Congressional District. That is why the Radical Republicans of Florida get to pick a candidate to take the votes of Mark Foley R-Fl
who is still on the ballot in this Congressional District in Florida.
Have you had enough yet America. It is time to get out and work hard for the honorable people of our society that tell the Truth first no matter what the consequnces not becasue it is easy, but because it is right.
Vote these Radical Republican Bastards out of office in November. You have the Power.
Good luck,
Phillip Wister

Friday, September 29, 2006


Headline of the day from Bob Woodward

As safe as I have been feeling these days with the disasterpresident saying mission accomplished and telling us that things are looking so rosy in Iraq, now I hear the disasterpresident and disastervicepresident are getting their advice from none other than Henry Kissinger. That is right, the guy who got down on his knees with Nixon to pray. The guy who supported intensified bombing of North Viet Nam. The Dr. Strangelove of the Nixon and now disasterpresident White House. The guy who sold us defeat in Viet Nam as a victory, as a good thing(Read Feb 2006 "Another War to End all Wars.....Viet Nam 1 United States 0"). The guy who wrote off the sacrifice of our troops in Southeast Asia like it was nothing. The guy who did not support any services for the troops when they returned from Viet Nam. That guy.
After Henry Kissinger took over advising mr. Nixon on promoting the War in Viet Nam, we lost another 28,000 men and women. We invaded another two independent countries(Laos and Cambodia) in his four year tenure of advice and cost the American Tax Payer an extra $244,000,000 in todays dollars. This doesnt include the pathetic amount of help we gave and continue to (pathetically)give our Honorable Viet Nam Vets.
Yeah, I have to admit I feel much safer now. I can hear the conversation.....

Henry: "Mr disasterpresident, you need to go VietNamize the...I mean Iraqize the War.
Give the Iraqi Army alot of our inadequate surplus equipment and then we can
say they have the third largest Army in the World. Then you declare
Victory very fast before anyone catches on, and then you pull out quick.
Oh....and dont let anyone take pictures of the quick pull out, that could
be bad...."

Pretzel: "He He He, that sounds like a great plan Henry. You dont mind me calling
you Henry do you? Can I fly in on an Aircraft Carrier, maybe with a sign
in back? Maybe we have it say, VICTORY IS OURS, then get everyone to
pay attention to the buldge in my flight suit. He He He...... What do you
think Darth?"

DarthChenney: "I think that there needs to be a few more years of
mean conversations with the government there to bring the Iraqi Army
up to speed."

You see America, all will be safe and protected. The image of the disasterpresident who turned his Viet Nam War experience(cut and run) into a winning campaign slogan for the 2006 midterm elections, will be safe. Darthchenney will be secure in his old age and be able to purchase and replace all his major organs with those from Chinese prisoners to prolong his life with his Halibuton stock options. And Henry Kissinger can have his swan song in International Politics by giving bad advice on how to lose another War. Never mind the 55,000 men and women we have yet to lose in the coming 7 years in the disasterpresidents Viet Nam. Never mind the 470,000,000 plus dollars we have yet to spend on the prosecution of this future manufactured Victory.
It is February of 1965, America. We have only lost 3,000 men and women in this War and we have the opportunity to STOP THE MADNESS NOW. Vote the Radical Republican Bums out of office and bring balance and Democracy back home. Democracy is never spread from the barrel of a gun, only Power. As soon as the gun leaves, so does the power. But we are powerful at home and it is time to prove it.
Go walk a precinct for a Patriot this weekend. There are plenty of Viet Nam combat vets running for office now. Vote for them. They have served their country well. They went to Viet Nam with the words of Kennedy in their ears,"Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask, what you can do for your Country." They gave it their all. If they serve you in Congress half as well as they served in Combat, they deserve your vote and your voluteer hours. They all now have one thing in common, to the man, they are against this War started by the disasterpresident. Here are some of their names and the state and district they are running to represent:

AZ-08: Jeff Latas

CA-02: Bill Falzett

CA-03 Bill Durston

CA-04: Charles Brown

CO-05: Jay Fawcett

CO-06: Bill Winter

FL-05: Rick Penberthy

FL-06: Dave Bruderly

GA-01: Jim Nelson

IL-14: John Laesch

IN-04: Rick Cornstuble

NJ-03: Rich Sexton

NY-23: Bob Johnson

MN-01: Tim Walz

MO-09: Duane Burghard

NC-08: Tim Dunn

NH-01: Pete Duffy

MD-03: Mishonda Baldwin

MD-06: Andrew Duck

KY-02: Mike Weaver

KY-03: Andrew Horne

NY-29: Eric Massa

OH-18: Joe Sulzer

PA-08: Patrick Murphy

OK-05: Bert Smith

PA-10: Chris Carney

PA-18: Tom Kovach

PA-19: Phil Avillo

SC-03: Lee Ballenger

TN-03: Terry Stulce

TX-03: Dan Dodd

TX-06: David Harris

TX-05: Charlie Thompson

TX-07: David Murf

TX-10: Ted Ankrum

TX-23: Rick Bolanos

VA-05: Al Weed

VA-05: Bern Ewert
I will sleep soundly if these men run my country.
Phillip Wister

Thursday, September 28, 2006


New headline of the day...Republicans Reject 'Habeas Corpus'

America, you no longer have the right to contest your incarceration at the hands of this government. You can be detained as an "enemy combatant" and you have no rights to appeal your incarceration, or face your accusers, and you can be tortured on top of it all, and there is nothing you can do. They dont need to notify anyone, friends, family, anyone. Habeas Corpus has not ever legally been suspended. The following is a copy from the American Patriot Network website:

As the Civil War started, in the very beginning of Lincoln's presidential term, a group of "Peace Democrats" proposed a peaceful resolution to the developing Civil War by offering a truce with the South, and forming a constitutional convention to amend the U.S. Constitution to protect States' rights. The proposal was ignored by the Unionists of the North and not taken seriously by the South. However, the Peace Democrats, also called copperheads by their enemies, publicly criticized Lincoln's belief that violating the U.S. Constitution was required to save it as a whole. With Congress not in session until July, Lincoln assumed all powers not delegated in the Constitution, including the power to suspend habeas corpus. In 1861, Lincoln had already suspended civil law in territories where resistance to the North's military power would be dangerous. In 1862, when copperhead democrats began criticizing Lincoln's violation of the Constitution, Lincoln suspended habeas corpus throughout the nation and had many copperhead democrats arrested under military authority because he felt that the State Courts in the north west would not convict war protesters such as the copperheads. He proclaimed that all persons who discouraged enlistments or engaged in disloyal practices would come under Martial Law.

Among the 13,000 people arrested under martial law was a Maryland Secessionist, John Merryman. Immediately, Hon. Roger B. Taney, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States issued a writ of habeas corpus commanding the military to bring Merryman before him. The military refused to follow the writ. Justice Taney, in Ex parte MERRYMAN, then ruled the suspension of habeas corpus unconstitutional because the writ could not be suspended without an Act of Congress. President Lincoln and the military ignored Justice Taney's ruling.

Finally, in 1866, after the war, the Supreme Court officially restored habeas corpus in Ex-parte Milligan, ruling that military trials in areas where the civil courts were capable of functioning were illegal.

Copyright, 1999
American Patriot Network
Not the first time in history that the Radical Republicans have ignored the Constitution. This time the military may not go along with the disasterpresident.
The question now America, How long are you willing to let this Radical Republican government suspend your rights and ignore your Federal Judges. The answer to this is till November when you can vote this Radical Republican RubberStamp Congress out of office and get some people in that think their job is representing you and keeping you FREE and SAFE.

Good luck and sleep tight tonight if you can,
Phillip Wister

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Lets fire the leakers................

There he goes again. The pretzel is once again authorizing for classified information to be de-classified because of political need. He needed to thwart those evil people(read traitors to the Neocon cause) that leak information to make his disasterpresidency or warpresidency look bad. So, when the usual suspects sit down and figure out a plan,(Chenney, Rumsfeld, Negraponte, Rice, Armitage, and their close advisors)they decide to release information that would otherwise be aiding the evil Islamofacists in their terror war on everything that is good. But we cant let out too much information, only that that throws confusion into the mix. The administration decided that the cigarrette companies and the Oil industry had the right approach attacking Global Warming; confuse them so they dont know what to think. So, they released 4 pages of the entire document about the intelligence assessment of Iraq which gave nebulus information about the failure of the ILLEGAL INVASION and OCCUPATION of Iraq. Are you confused? We have lost nearly 3000 men and women in a war that all our intelligence agencies say is futile. All our high ranking military who can, say we have done the wrong thing at the wrong time with the wrong amount of resources. But you have to hand it to the administration, they play alot of cards to confuse. "The world is better off without Saddam." "Were taking the fight over there, so we dont have to fight it over here." Are you confused yet? All of these nice sound bites are just distraction from the fight against the real enemy. If we stay distracted we can go into the voting booth in November and hang some chads for 'more of the same', or 'stay the course'. The real course is do as much as we can any way we can to advance the Radical Republican agenda. This includes TREASON. Who is the next undercover CIA operative that this administration will give up in order to pursue a political agenda? What else will this Radical Religious Republican clique do to enhance their chances to hold on to power at the polls? The disasterpresident said "If I find who leaked (Valerie Plame) the agents name I will fire them." Well the answer mr disasterpresident is: Richard Armitage, and most of the Chiefs of staff in your adminstration were talking to multiple people in the press. How else would we hear it from so many reporters at the same time. We just had to find out who got to their phone first after the order to commit TREASON came from the disasterpresident and disastervicepresident. So it is firing time mr disaster president. Are you a Man of his word or the weak little pussy that evaded the draft? It is firing time!

Dont hold your breathe America
Phillip Wister

Sunday, September 24, 2006


America, it is like Deja Vu all over again, but this time it is IRAN

"Why of course the people don't want war … But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country."

--Hermann Goering, President of the Reichstag, Nazi Party, and Luftwaffe Commander in Chief The quote (dated April 18, 1946

Saturday, September 23, 2006



Headline of the day...........

Republican Leadership compromises on Torture of Prisoners

Friday, September 22, 2006


Update on the bombing of Pakistan.........

Something is rotten in Denmark, or more precisely, Washington. The disasterpresident in a meeting with the press and President Musharaf of Pakistan told the press that he did not know about the story to bomb Pakistan until he read it in the newspaper. President Musharaf said nothing on the subject because it is in his book coming out, and on 60 minutes! I guess he is pretty convinced this threat was made by that stooge Armitage. He is the same stooge that Oopps! Outed an undercover CIA agent, Valerie Plame, in time of War, and admited it. He was the first. This is still TREASON. No one has done anything about it. Where is the Justice Department? Oh, thats right, Armitage is one of theirs.
Here is the miracle of this whole story; the disasterpresident said he READ it in the newspaper. But, but Mr. disasterpresident, you told us you dont read newspapers. You said you had legions of underlings to read them for you and tell you what they say. No, the pretzel clearly said "until I read it in the newspaper this morning." What paper was that Mr. disasterpresident? Who dared run such a story? Didnt you have all the media muffled by now? You will have to get your friends at FOX to print up news that totally undermines the credibility of this story and for that matter, the President of Pakistan. Maybe you can sabotage his book deal. That will really disuade the American people from these silly rumors. You, the lock and load disasterpresident, who talks big until you have to actually serve your country(TRAITOR, COWARD, AWOL DRAFTDODGER, WAR CRIMINAL are adjectives that come to mind) sent your neocon lacky Armitage to talk tough with President Musharaf when Turkey was not going to let you stage or fly your planes over their country for your illegal war. Would have been tough to fly supply into your ILLEGAL INVASION and OCCUPATION without Pakistan. So, you threatened them. Way to go! That is showing the old Diplomacy that you are known for. Couldnt you get Secretary Powell to do your dirty work, or did he even know about your little operative Armitage in the State Department?

America, the target on your back just got alot bigger. Do you feel safer now?
Good Luck,
Phillip Wister


The disasterpresident does not like Narcs.....Or where is the truth today?

“Where’s today’s Deep Throat?”

Sadly, quite a number of “Deep Throats” have come out of the Administration closet. Who remembers Ambassador Wilson? Who has read his book? He was the man sent to investigate (read prove) information on Saddams’ purchase of Yellow Cake Uranium from Africa. He told the truth, for which his undercover CIA spouse was exposed by Karl Rove as retribution for coming up with the wrong answer for the Administrations justification (read push) for War. This is called Treason at any other time in US history while we are at War. Since it came from this White House, the Presidents closest advisor (read pollster); this is an impeachable offense. Where is the investigation? Where is Daniel Ellsberg to release the information from the various parts of this administration that were involved in this conspiricy?
The real story is that the outing of an undercover CIA agent in a time of War was an administration wide effort. All the players involved had a organized hand in it. Who did it first is a dumb issue. All the people involved were trying desperately to disseminate this information at the same time when the recievers of this still were not aware that it was classified information. Libby was just the idiot that could not remember his lie. Now the fact that Armitage said he did it first by mistake, does this end the controversy? He has been an operative for the neocons for a long time. Is the President of Pakistan lying when he said Armitage is the (messenger)one who told him that the US would bomb Pakistan if they did not go along with the Afgahistan Invasion? Gee, lies have a way of getting out eventually.

Who remembers John O’Neal? He is the Economist that wrote a book when he left office with this Administration. Who read his book? He outlined the madness happening in the Cabinet meetings. He outlined the systematic push for PRE-EMPTIVE War observed from the inner circle of the White House long before the attack on New York. This is a violation of International Law, it is called CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY the killing of civilian populations in a PRE-EMTIVE WAR, an impeachable offense. This is a violation of National Law and policy, reaching the level of High Crimes and Misdemeanors. This is in opposition to everything we stood for and prosecuted at the Nurenberg Trials. We hung people for this same offense in Germany. This puts the leaders of this administration on the same level with Herman Göring.

The Freedom of Information Act (a result of Mr. Nixon’s and his criminal contingents violation of the Constitution) showed us the memo that was written by our current Attorney General, hand picked by the President, allowing the systematic circumvention of the Geneva Convention. It allows the use of torture. These are both clearly CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. It allows indefinite detainment of “enemy combatants”, a violation of International Law and the US Constitution, an impeachable offense. Americans continued to drink their coffee at Starbucks. Who came out in the street of their State Capitols to protest this inhumanity perpetrated by their government? Where was the outrage in the Press? Where was the Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Payne of our time to stand up in the American Press against this outrage against Humanity? Answer follows.......

Sadly, this new group of criminals running the Country are being allowed to do what they want because there is no Press to challenge, to ask tough questions, and in some cases the Press is actually on the White House payroll (we like our information spoon fed). Or the Press(FOX) has something to gain by towing the Adminsitrations Political Agenda across their media coverage. We are teaching the people of the Middleast this "Free Press lesson" well. We buy articles in Iraq and Afgahnistan that are favorable to the American Occupation without a byline of what origin the infomation has. These same tactics have been carried out by the Department of Education, Department of Defense, and others in this Administration and have been "paid" for by the government and shown on TV. Welcome to Big Brother. Maybe Pretzelboy read one book in his academic career; 1984 by George Orwell. In the old Soviet Union it was called Pravada.

Sadly, this adminsitration is hijacking true honest religious people for their own propaganda campaign. Where in Christianity does it say to go over to other countries and kill off whole sections of their population for any reason? Where in our values over the last 230 years have we been the only interpreter of Liberty and Freedom in the World. To those who say that "Freedom is not Free", this is a nice propaganda line, but what does it really mean? It means we have a responsiblity to vote. We, as Americans, have a responsibility to stand up for what is right. We must be consistent with our values and not just blindly serve in the Military. Jimmy Carter was a deeply religious man. No one in this country would question his convictions now. Why did his Christianity tell him to use as little force as possible, to make every effort at diplomacy, to strive for Peace, to obey the rule of Law. I dont believe Christianity has changed its values. I believe that a small minded set of Radical Republicans have hijacked the teachings of Jesus to put forward an agenda to gain wealth and power. They are killing our sons and daughters for their ultimate power/economic gain, or worse they really believe themselves as leaders in some Radical Christian Apocalypse.

Ultimately, the people of this country are to blame. We are the most powerful people per capita on the Planet and we do not vote, especially the young people who will inherit the Debt and Political mess that is being created now. Ukrainians stood in the freezing street for days for Freedom. Armenians converged on their Parliament for Freedom. Recently Mexicans and Hungarians have taken to the street to protest in a Democratic way, in a dissident way, for what they feel is right. Thomas Jefferson would have recognized what all these people are doing around the world. Benjamin Franklin would applaud what these people are doing around the Planet. Neither of these founding Fathers of our Democracy, our way of life, would recognize what we are doing as a country today. Our Press would be incomprehensible to them because it does not ask questions. Our Subversion, Invasion and Occupation of other countries would be at odds with their Enlightenment sensibilities. We are responsible for the murder of political leaders around the Globe. We kidnap(read steal Freedom)of individuals around the Globe for our own agenda against our own laws and against the very RIGHTS of MAN that our constituition was set up to protect and then we TORTURE them. We are killing tens of thousands of people in Iraq and Afghanistan for many different reasons given over the course of time, but for which the White House now tells the story, it is for Freedom. How are 40,000 dead civilians FREE?
The evidence of this Governments CRIMINAL activity is all around, we just need to see it, recopgnize it, and then do something about it. Deep Throat only told us a story, it was what the American People and their representatives in Congress at the time were willing to do about it that brought down that group of White House CRIMINALS. If your representative in Congress is not willing to vote for the truth, VOTE THE BASTARD OUT OF OFFICE IN NOVEMBER!
This is the answer to the great question Kennedy asked the American people in 1961; This is what you can do for your Country.
Good luck in November,
Phillip Wister

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