Friday, October 09, 2009


The Psychology of Encouragement by Alfred Nobel

I was driving to a Health Fair this morning and got reminded again how we, Americans and America, are still the center and the focus of the World. As much as others like China and Russia would like to compete with us, they still look to us to compete. We set the standard. When we abuse that position, as we have for the last eight years, the world shudders, it feels out of control.
As an example of the above, just look at the cold War. The Russians copied every piece of military technology we put in the field. We were considered the leader by them. We built a bomber they built a bomber. We built and ICBM, they built an ICBM. We built a swing wing jet, they built a swing wing jet. We built a MIRV warhead, they built a MIRV warhead. We would build something that did not work, and they would copy it.
The Chinese copy everything from DVD’s and CD’s to tools and trade secrets. They started their own space program with the intent to send a man to the moon. Is this the ultimate flattery or what?
The largest spy network in the United States is run by Israel. They copy technology from military to industrial and take it home to reproduce. We like to brow beat the Chinese about not honoring these proprietary rights but it is Israel that does the most industrial espionage in the United States, and we send them 30 billion dollars a year in foreign aide to help them do it.
In the last eight years, we acted like a 3 year old having a tantrum. We acted on magical thinking, we wanted what we wanted, and we bullied and emotionally derided those who would not go along with what we wanted. We did not play nice in the World, and the World took a back seat to wait till we did something that showed we would come to our senses. The World thought this would happen in 2004 with the election. It did not. We continued our infantile rampage with spokesman like Rush Limbaugh, Jerry Falwell, Glen Beck, and OReilly. This is what the world heard along with the shock and awe of our weapons.
Barack Obama won the Nobel Prize today. The World is sending us a message. They are pleased that we have started electing smart people to be our leaders again. They are saying that we need more reasoned policies, like those proposed by this young President. They are encouraging us to be the best we can be, to take the moral high ground and not wavier from this position of leadership in the World.
I am proud of my country, America. I believe it is a privilege to be the moral and economic leaders of the World. I believe it is also a responsibility we must hold as sacred, to be good stewards of the position we are looked to to perform and that we created. Our new President is leading us in this New direction, not enough of us are willing to set aside politics to follow. They offer no alternatives, only the desire to cling to the disasterphilosophy of the last eight years. Whatever that was.
The Noble prize was awarded to our President not because he has accomplished his many goals working toward Peace, Prosperity, and Safety in the World. The last President gave the message to the World ‘Mission Accomplished’. It was a lie, a publicity campaign to cover up the destruction and despair we had brought to the World, for no good reason than we wanted to. This President has made bold proposals, set high moral goals and expectations for America and those in the World that will be our partners again. He has told America and the World the Truth. We are in for rough times. It will take hard work to get out of the mess we are in and we created. He has set the challenge for America in Health Care, in Energy, in Nuclear Proliferation, in Pollution, in the Financial Markets, and most of all in Philosophy.
I am elated that our President, who happens to be Barack Obama, won the Nobel Prize for Peace. He won it and deserves it because he represents such a starkly positive contrast to the last eight years of disasterphilosophy, that the World now wants to engage with us again.
The addendum to this story is the response. The Radical Republicans that mortgaged the future we are now paying for with our blood and treasure are lining up to condemn this award. They condemn our President, and our country in doing so. They are showing their true colors. They are in the company that befits the bankrupt philosophy they have championed for the last eight years and longer. They line up with the Taliban. They line up with Al Queda. They line up with Hamas. They line up with O’Reilly. They line up with Beck. They line up with Limbaugh. With this stance, they can only retreat behind the walls of hypocrisy or Treason.

The moon - that nocturnal inspiration to poets and lovers for centuries - was viciously attacked yesterday morning at 7:31 EST by Muslim terrorist Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his co-conspirators within THE GOVERNMENT.

A clear message has been sent by this radical jihadist to good and decent people everywhere. There is no room for misinterpretation: if they can target the moon - THE MOON! - in such a ghastly and unprovoked matter, it proves - conclusively - that Main Street is not safe. All of us are vulnerable to their insidious wickedness and villainy. Our children must be protected from the radical, hideous agenda of this man and his vile administration. Mark my words, my fellow Americans - today the moon, tomorrow Anytown, USA. OH, THE HUMANITY!

Where will it all end? What sinister plans does he have in store for Christendom? Don't say you weren't warned, America! Don't you dare say you weren't given ample notice of this Kenyan-born extremist's evil intentions for us. I can see it now: Death Panels! Communist Medicine! An abortion clinic in every public school! Generations of innocent American schoolchildren forced to memorize entire paragraphs of the autobiography of Malcolm X! I have seen the future, my friends. It is bleak. Very very bleak.

But seriously folks....

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY
A wonderful synopsis of the way the world is, according to some people.
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