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Sex Scandal in the Executive; they will turn it into a disaster.......

You have got to hand it to Bill Clinton. Not only did this man take on the Presidency, the single toughest job in the world, but he also balanced the budget every year he was in office(the last guy to do that was Jimmy Carter). Bill Clinton fought a War in the Balkans and did not lose a single soldier in combat. Bill Clinton shot cruise missiles at Osama after he caught, prosecuted and jailed al Quaeda operatives trying to blow up the World Trade Center. Gee, these are the good old days that the disasterpresident and his radical republican minions would like you to remember as the evil days of lust and corruption in the White House.
Enter Miz Julia. The latest Madam to be arrested and threaten to name names. But she does not have just any Black Book. She has a Black Book that contains the names of Senior disasterwhitehouse members. Enter Randall Tobias, director of foreign aide programs at the State Department, resigned because, schucks, his name was going to come out first on the list of names that used what the Government is prosecuting as a "PROSTITUTION RING". Randall Tobias is 65 and Married, so much for Republican family values. Randall Tobias said he used to hire Escorts to give him massages, but he NEVER(He repeated), NEVER had sex with them. Randall Tobias used to head the agency that ran family planning missions in the 3rd world. The agency under him towed the disasterpresidents line of abstinence from sex is the way to not get pregnant.
Who does this IDIOT think we are? Anyone who hires a woman a third his age to give him a massage and does not have a happy ending is either an IDIOT or thinks that the American people are IDIOTS. Stupid enters this equation somewhere.
The beauty of this is that Miz Julia started with the small frys in the disaster administration. She is quite bright and is dribbling out names at ever increasing levels of authority in the disasteradministration in order not to be prosecuted. This makes sense to me. She is playing the cards in her hand. She can probably plea bargain this away, unless suddenly this becomes a National Security issue and she is declared an 'ENEMY COMBATANT' and whisked off to Guantanamo Bay. Any American can suffer this fate and be held without the benefit of HABEAS CORPUS, because this was taken away from American Citizens by the radical republicans and the disasterpresident in 2005.
This SEX SCANDAL will reach into the upper levels of this disasteradministration, because these guys are so drunk with power that their junkets away from their wives with the Jack Abramhoffs of the world will put the Soprano crime family to shame. These guys will all deny ever having sex with these young women, or men, or children, following the prominent example of Evangelical Christian Leaders and former radical republican congressmen, or they will just say that they were drunk and check into rehab till the dust settles.
The disasterpresident has raised the lantern to show the way of corruption and incompetence for his loyal supporters. Everything the disasterpresident has touched he has turned into the worst possible scenario for the American people. Katrina, the attack on New York, Afgahnistan, Iraq, Foreign Policy, the Economy, the Environment, support for the Troops, Federal Prosecuter firings, are all corruption scandals just to name a few. Now they have a SEX SCANDAL, and be prepared America for them to screw this up.
I yearn for the good old days when a real, genuine Man was in the White House. He could run a good country, people could be prosperous, crime would go down, the budget would be balanced, America was respected in the World, the American President(Bill Clinton) was revered around the globe(and still is), and he could have a happy ending with his massage and feel good about it.

Phillip Wister


Israel Commits Genocide, Apartheid alive and well as the World watches

I read an interesting article. It is a United Nations report at It tells an interesting story about the Judeo-Facsists OCCUPATION, GENOCIDE and APARTHEID being committed for the last 40 years in Palestine. A question that no one would think to ask: Why are more than 500 babies born at Israeli checkpoints scattered about the OCCUPIED Palestinian nation each year? Answer: Because Palestinians are not allowed to go to hospitals when they need to. In these cases there is a 60% infant mortality rate. Is there another country in the world that loses this high a percentage of babies.
This does not take into account how many adults die at Israeli military checkpoints.

Did you know that Israel has 450 Arab children imprisoned?

Here are some more numbers that you have never heard......

# Overviews of the 148 Palestinians killed by Israel's illegal policy of assassination of Palestinian political leaders;
# Checklists describing the circumstances of the wounding of over 7,000 Palestinian children (this is UNICEF's estimate);
# Dated flowcharts accounting for the 2,500 Palestinians permanently disabled by Israeli attacks, 500 of them children;
# Chronologies of Israeli attacks on Palestinian Emergency Medical Personnel & Services, and Israeli Shelling of Palestinian Hospitals;
# Timelines of the 15 on-duty Palestinian doctors and ambulance drivers murdered by Israeli forces, and the 180 Red Cross Emergency Medical Technicians attacked;
# Checklists on the 64 Palestinians who have died due to Israeli prevention of access to medical treatment;
# Charts describing the 167 journalists attacked by the IDF;
# Overviews of the roughly 15,000 Palestinians arbitrarily detained in mass detentions over the last 2 months alone;
# Time lines examining the Israeli shelling and demolition of over 1,600 homes.


Things to look up for yourself; Sonic booms over Palestinian villages. Sniper bullets taken from Arab children in Palestine 'caught in the crossfire', Checkpoint strip searches in the West Bank and Gaza(that last for hours). Also look up statistics on the Domestic Violence committed by Israeli OCCUPATION veterans(many are American citizens). Look these things up for yourself and if true, you need to take action, just as fellow human beings. You will find that America under this administration is doing everything possible to prop up, and financially support these Judeo-Fascists. Read about the world bank(under Wolfewitz) funding check points.

Phillip Wister

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