Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Making sense of Our World

Boy this makes alot of sense......We have half our navy sitting off the coast of Iran, flying mock missions, and just kinda whistling and looking the other way like no one will notice. I wonder how much of the DEFENSE budget money it takes to keep all those ships and all those personel in place just to show force that everyone knows we cant use. The ugly secret is that it is a secret. Yes, the disasterpresident is burning up our future to threaten another nation that has not done anything to us, AGAIN. (They did hold our embassy personel hostage almost 30 years ago...If we want to go back in history, Britain burned
Washington to the ground in 1814) Why are we doing this? Is it because they are trying to buy uranium from Chad? No, mister disasterpresident, we already used that LIE. Is it because they are a grave danger to the United States? No mister disasterpresident, I dont think the World will buy that again. Poland and Bulgaria wont send their 250 soldiers again to fight in that War that you want to start. So why does the United States want to stop any kind of Nuclear program in Iran? It is Israeli foreign policy. You all must know by now that if JudeoFascists want it, they can get their American lapdog to do it. The disasterpresident looks good in a collar but not in a flight suit. I certainly dont see him prancing around any of the AirCraft Carriers he has poised to strike Iran. Get ready for another Gulf of Tonkin incident. 'Oops mr. disasterpresident, two gun boats from Iran came out and fired on our 75 ship flotilla, Oh God, what should we do?' This would be the kind of moronic excuse put out by this disasterpresident to justify whatever foreign policy whim he has at the time.
Lets face facts. Iran wants a stable friendly Iraq. They used to have a stable unfriendly Iraq with Saddam. Now they have an unstable semifriendly Iraq with the majority Shiite. Iran could make things a whole lot worse for our troops, but they are not right now. If the disastercowboy decides to push Iran much more, you will see American Military casualties like you never did in Viet Nam. Is this supporting the Troops? If he chooses to veto the latest appropriation because the DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS decides to use its constitutional authority and bring this disasterpresident back down to Earth and the rule of law, will that be supporting the Troops? When you dont plan to care for the CASUALTIES that will come home from the ILLEGAL PREEMPTIVE WAR that you are going to start when you get into office, is that supporting the troops? If you cut the salaries and benefits of troops before you go to War, is this supporting the troops? When you dont allow pictures of flag drapped coffins coming home from your ILLEGAL WAR, is that supporting the troops.
I think I will be thinking about this whole mess for a long time to make sense of what it is that was being accomplished. Especially since we will be paying for this WAR CRIMINALS' deeds for quite a long time.
Phillip Wister

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Our Social Priorities

We live now in the 21st century. We are fat, lazy, and think we're happy Americans. Socially, even Republicans think they are progressive and reasonble, more or less. There are many interpretations of Socially Reasonable. We all think we are.

We are all following (too) closely the animal food contamination incident. Class action lawsuits have already been filed. The company has gone out of its way to recall anything that could be contaminated. People are up in arms. God help us when we cross the animal rights lobby.

Why is this such a big story? It is getting almost as much air time as the E Coli outbreak in HUMAN spinach supply. Pets are nice to have but they are ANIMALS. Americans have forgotten that. We need place to them in that area of PRIORITY in our conscience.

Recently in Sacramento there was an outrageous DOMESTIC VIOLENCE incident with one of our spoiled sports stars. Dont get me wrong, I am just as much to blame making this person a spoiled (overpaid) sports star. Ron Artest plays for the Sacramento Kings. I watch the Kings. I like the Kings. I do not like when this teams members, or any teams members in this country act out inappropriately, violate our social norms and laws, and further become just another negative role model for our youth.

Ron Artest was arrested for DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. He beat up his wife. This is outrageous. Anyone who begins a discussion of this spoiled sports star without outrage for this action needs to go back to their personal philosophy and get their priorities straight.

The outrageous acting Ron Artest also was involved in bad behavior at the beginning of the year. He did not take care of his dogs well and they were removed on a complaint from a neighbor.

So, when this spoiled sports star gets arrested for beating his wife, holding her in their house, preventing her from calling police, who shows up to the court house to protest?
NOT the National Organization for Women(NOW) NOT Women Escaping A Violent Environment(WEAVE) NOT outraged season ticket holders wanting their money back; who shows at the court house with premade signs are (drum roll) People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals(PETA).

His wife could not get someone in the neighborhood(a very rich neighborhood)to call the police for the outrage perpetrated on her, she had to eventually call. But god help us that we should forget an animal being abused. This is worse. The message is Animals are more important than Women. How can we possibly have a CIVIL SOCIETY, and RESPECT for every member of this SOCIETY if these are our demonstrated priorities.

We are better than this as Americans. Our ideals are being erroded.
Phillip Wister

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