Friday, February 23, 2007


We can bring Peace to the Middleast.

The only thing that would bring the JudeoFascists to the Peace table is to bring them to their knees. The Weak Kneed JudeoFascist sympathizers in Washington will not bring them to Peace. Cut off their oil and they would be helpless in a week. This is how APARTHEID ended in Old South Africa, BOYCOTT. Private Institutions in the US and Europe and several forward thinking NationStates took the lead to bring down a repressive regime in South Africa. It worked. It was fairly Peaceful. It did not require the Democratic Congress or the Republican President at the time to stand up for any morals(which they did not).
We can bring Peace to the Middleast in just the same way, boycott Israeli products and implore Mexico and the North Sea nations to stop selling Oil to Israel. We can put pressure on these governments to stop the APARTHEID and GENOCIDE that the JudeoFascists in Israel are continuing to commit. Isn't our goal in the Middleast political stability?
Phillip Wister

Monday, February 19, 2007


When does the HOLOCAUST end?

How does one of the smallest socialist states and failed socialist economies dominate the World? How do they manage to cow Democracies into eliminating criticism and free flow of information? How do they manage to spy on allies, commit industrial espionage and not be sanctioned? How do they manage to carry out 'extrodinary rendition'(kidnapping) in every country in the world without sanctions being imposed upon them? How does this same Socialist Theocratic Dictatorship manage to be the only non-recognized nuclear state in the world?There are very simple answers to all of these questions. The JudeoFascists have their own foreign policy and it is run out of Washington D.C. more specifically, the Pentagon. They are tied part and parcel to the Military-Industrial-Complex. You remember those fellas. They are the ones that a very trusted President Eisenhower warned us about after he spent 8 years observing their machinations from the Oval office. Yes these are the JudeoFascists. American tax payers should be happy to know that we have been sending 12 to 17 billion dollars a year in aide since the late 60's to these JudeoFascists that say they are Americas greatest ally. This Socialist Theocracy would fold overnight without this infusion of outside aide coming in every year. This of course is not the only cost of this suicidal alliance. We will address this issue later.Israel became a state May 15, 1948. The first country in the world to recognize Israel was (drum roll) The Soviet Union, under Joseph Stalin. We came in a close second. This is not odd at all since Israel is a SOCIALIST STATE. Where was Joseph McCarthy when we really needed him? Israel immediately went to war, the only thing they have proven to be good at, against their neighbors when they ousted many of the people living in the area where they declared their state of existence. This is the first of six wars that Israel has prosecuted. All of these wars, they have been at minimum a provocateur and mostly been the AGGRESSOR. Not bad for a Theocractic dictatorship of CHOSEN PEOPLE whose GOD tells them not to kill but they have gotten so good at it.The JudeoFascists have managed to convince the world that Jews are just a poor persecuted people that have done no wrong to anyone and should not ever have anything bad said about them. Here is why, GUILT. WE, meaning the Christian West(not just the Germans), owe them something because, WE let them be slaughtered in the HOLOCAUST. How long do we play the HOLOCAUST card before it gets old? We are still playing along with this idea that Israel can do no wrong because after all, they are a poor persecuted people. So, Western CAPITALIST countries change their internal laws, change their foreign policy and curb their press all in the name of the JudeoFascists. Never mind that the HOLOCAUST is 62 years old and we as a Planet have allowed many HOLOCAUSTS since then without lifting a finger. I did not hear outrage in Israel for the GENOCIDE in Rwanda. I certainly do not hear the outrage from Israel for the APARTHEID and GENOCIDE taking place in the West Bank and Gaza.The Socialist Theocracy of Israel has abducted citizens from every continent without regard to National or International Laws. They continue to commit espionage and industrial espionage against the United States and its corporations. How is it that Israel could obtain Nuclear Weapons?, which everyone on the planet acknowledges and the JudeoFascists still deny. It is simple, they conducted a thriving secret trade with South Africa, when that country was in its heyday of APARTHEID and GENOCIDE. Israel got weapons technology and Uranium. This is some of the way the JudeoFascists obtained the bomb, besides stealing material from the U.S.It can be argued that the Socialist Theocracy of Israel holds more political prisoners per capita than any other repressive regime on the planet. The Western Democracies look the other way because of (drum roll) The HOLOCAUST. These poor oppressed people commit kidnapping, murder, and pre-emptive WAR because they need to defend themselves. They are allowed institutionalized APARTHEID and GENOCIDE because they were gassed during the War. They cannot allow anyone else to have the bomb because they are responsible and no one else is. Lets face it, the U.S. is the willing cuckold partner of the JudeoFascists because we have idiot traitors like Liberman sitting in the Senate putting out American foreign policy for the benefit of Israel. We don't talk to Hamas or Hezbollah because Israel does not want us to. So, we cannot solve the middleast continuing crisis because we cannot talk to the people representing the MAJORITY. These are DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED political/social organizations in their respective countries. This is a cost of being patsies for the JudeoFascists. We have already shown that we don't like elections that interfere with the disasterpresidents agenda. Now we are going after IRAN, because the JudeoFascists think it is the right thing to do. What will this cost?We have lost over 3000 troops, not to mention wounded, and the Iraqis have lost 650,000 people for Israeli foreign policy objectives. How much money has this cost us and why? Saddam was not a bad man to us, he just gave money to everyone that would blow themselves up killing Israelis. Was that our problem? Our foreign policy has been set up so that taking care of the JudeoFascists has been our main objective and to hell with our people and our troops.America needs to look at the reality of the world and work from the standpoint of PEACE as the objective no matter whose agenda wins and loses.Probably not in my lifetime....
Phillip Wister

Sunday, February 18, 2007


The Troops do not need our support.

This is what needs to be said. THE TROOPS DO NOT NEED OUR SUPPORT! The morons that have co-opted our Democracy continue to USE the troops for political points against their enemies(the Democratic Congress that you elected). They dishonor our soldiers by not going to their funerals. They disrespect us and our soldiers by not allowing coverage of their flag draped coffins coming home. They disavow our soldiers sacrifice by injecting some political nobility into this latest War. They disregard their sacrifice by grandstanding at their Posthumous Medal Ceremonies. They have no conception of the meaning of the words DUTY HONOR COUNTRY, because they used their privilege to avoid their opportunity to learn what DUTY HONOR COUNTRY actually means. They are COWARDS.The people we sent to Washington to thwart the destruction of our Democracy are failing. They disrespect our troops by not doing anything to stop this TREASONOUS and CORRUPT administration. They dishonor the sacrifice going on in Iraq by continuing to allow the undermining of the Constitution by this TREASONOUS and CORRUPT administration. These newly elected Congressmen are cowed by the propaganda of NOT SUPPORTING THE TROOPS. They dishonor the people that elected them by not standing up and speaking the truth for all to hear about this War. Many of these people have fought in combat for this country, but have forgotten what DUTY HONOR COUNTRY mean. This makes them COWARDS now to the truth. Our soldiers fight in Iraq not because they want to. They don't fight there because they think it is right. They fight in Iraq because they have been ordered to. Their leaders have ordered them to do so. Their society demands that they be ready for anything right or wrong. They don't die there because it is some noble cause. WAR never is noble. WAR never is right. Killing People should never be an option that we consider in working out our human problems.Soldiers have been sent into battle for millennia for the same reasons, greed, gold, and fear. Their leaders always say that it is a noble cause, that it is the right thing to do, that GOD is on their side. Guess what? It is only the society and their leaders that have made the mistake. Soldiers are there to do their DUTY, nothing more. It is the society that allows using the Armed Forces frivolously. It is the leaders that order the troops to do wrong. This disregards the HONOR to each other and their COUNTRY for which these soldiers are truly serving, sacrificing and dying. It is the Leaders of the society that make stupid decisions that harm their own people and dishonor the people who have stood up to fill the role of Soldier in the society.

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