Saturday, November 11, 2006


Thank you Jason Dunham

Now that you have voted America, you have someone else to thank. Jason Dunham was 22. He was young, strong and brave. The way we like to think of our youth in this country. I cant imagine how his parents must feel, with a Gold Star in their window instead of their son home safe. We will never know how he felt about the War nor is it worthwhile now to speculate. I can tell you this, just like every comrade in every army from the Spartans, to the Romans, to the French, to the British, to the Germans, to the Americans, he was true to his fellow soldiers. He fell on a grenade to save their lives. For that he will be honored by his country with the Medal of Honor.
It is sad that our disasterpresident used this young mans Medal of Honor memorial as a Political platform, when he could not even attend his funeral in April of 2004. In fact this disasterpresident made it illegal to take pictures of Jason Dunhams coffin coming home.
Demand of these people that you just sent to Washington, that we again honor the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform, whether in vain or not.
Please remember Jason Dunham.

Phillip Wister


The disasterpresident gets rid of Rummy but beware the reasons.....

Now that the Democrats are dancing in the streets and measuring drapes, it is more important than ever to be vigilent. The disasterpresident 'got rid' for Rummy no sooner than the last ballot was counted. This was no surprise. This had been in the works and it should be no surprise that he picked Robert Gates as a replacement. You dont remember Robert Gates. He was a main figure that could not be indited in the Iran-Contra Afair as they spun it. This was an ILLEGAL OPERATION run by the acting-president(Reagan) to supply TERRORISTS in Central America to fight a Popularly won revolution against a Dictator(friend of the acting-president)and Popularly elected Government, Nicuragua. Congress(Democrats) had strictly outlawed funds for supporting these TERRORISTS. The acting-president and his loyal supporters(conspiritors), Oliver North, Robert Gates and others, cooked up a scheme to fund these TERRORISTS.This was the funding process:The conspiritors sold weapons to Iran(strictly banned under American Law)and shipped the money to the Contras(also strictly banned under American Law). This seems pretty straight forward. This arrangement started before the acting-president ever got into office. What you say? As you recall, those bad old Iranians held our embassy staff hostage till, you guessed it, till the acting-president became the acting-president in a narrow election in 1980. The person who was to soon be the acting-vicepresident and ex head of the CIA(Bush the elder) went to Paris, met with the Iranians and made sure that our hostages were held till after the election. Neat trick huh? Part of the deal was to resupply parts for all the American equipment that Iran could not use against its enemy Saddam during their war. So this meant that a special unit, answering only to the acting-president through Oliver North was selling weapons to Iran, while a seperate unit of the Department of Defense was selling satelite reconnaissance and chemical weapons to Iraq during the same war! That is what I call War profiteering. Of course if you read my blog, "What Hitler and the Pretzel have in common"
(October 2 you will see War profiteering happens throughout the disasterpresidents family history. You think things cannot get worse in our history lesson? Ah, they do. All the weapons sales did not add up to enough money to support the Contras. There seems to be graft, greed, corruption, and waste in even the best clandestine operation. So the CIA, in which Robert Gates was a Deputy Director at the time, started assisting our good friends the Contras in trafficking Cocaine. There is alot of profit in that. Doesnt anyone wonder why so much Cocaine got into the United States during the 80's War on drugs? The prices went down and supply went up and the profits were outstanding because the United States became the newest market for Cocaine. There was money to be made because there were Fascists to support and Communists to fight. Does anyone wonder why we invaded the soverign nation of Panama, captured their President Noriega, and now have him sequestered in a prison in South Florida. He was a conduit for the Contras to ship their Cocaine with CIA blessing directly to the United States. I would bet that the same Air Service that carts around enemy combatants to secret prisons for torturing also helped get all that Cocaine into the United States. Robert Gates was a Deputy Director of the CIA at the time. Darthchenney was the Secretary of Defense at the time of the Panama invasion and minority whip in Congress for the Republicans derailing investigations of the Iran-Contra Affair. Rummy was special envoy to the Middleast for the acting-president(and also the guy that was the messenger selling Saddam the Chemical Weapons he used on the Kurds.)

December 20, 1983

James Baker(recently resurrected)was the Secretary of the Treasury at the time. I guess you can make alot of money flow without being seen if you are Secretary of the Treasury. All these guys were just close enough to the largest ignored subversion of the Constitution in the last century. Robert Gates was right in the middle of it all.

What are the consequences of this appointment? Robert Gates is a man who managed not to be indited in one of the largest subversions of the Constitution in the last century and kept it quiet. My guess is that he is back to cover up all the things left hanging in this administration that the Congress, now controled by the Democrats(read enemy) are going to investigate. That is the Robert Gates that this administration wants to run the Defense Department. He is a soldier for their cause, and good at sweeping everything under the rug. Bring on the investigations.It aint over yet America,
Phillip Wister

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Support American Patriots.....

You can all do your freespeech a favor by supporting Valerie Plame and her husband Ambassador Wilson. These are the first published victims of tyranny perpetrated by this administration on our soil. They have a website, go to it and support their efforts to stop the disasterpresident and darthchenney from silencing freespeech. As I stated before, a 14 year old was taken out of class without her parents permission by the Secret Service for comments on her Myspace page. If she was declared an enemy combatant, she could be taken away, interrogated with this administrations 'special means' and she would not have the right of Habeas Corpus, and her parents would not have the right to know where she was. This is the law the disasterpresident proposed and ran through the rubberstamp Congress.
Get out and vote Tuesday and take back your Country.
Phillip Wister

Friday, November 03, 2006


The Party of Family Values needs a house cleaning....say NO to the Theology and Politics of Hypocrisy

The story has come out yet again that another Family Values guy, Ted Haggard(or Art as he is know to the Gay prostitutes), is being a HYPOCRITE. He is Religious, he is Devoted to Christ, he is obviously a Sinner, a Republican, and he is on the disasterpresidents short list to call for Spirtual Guidance. He is a great representative of the disasterpresidents FAITH-BASED INITIATIVE. I bet he sponsers plenty of summer camps for young men to hike and swim in the lake, all with our governments funding. I am so happy that examples such as this Christian Evangelical Leader purchasing Homosexual sex can be a beacon of faith for my society. I bet he has turned out or influenced plenty of votes for the Party of Family Values. Every few years these guys come out of the closet, make a big splash and then get comfortable with their feelings, hopefully without destroying too many of the lives around them. There is a message here. No. It is not the fact that this was politically timed. It probably was. The Democrats are dancing with glee that all these people that held power and sway in this corrupt administration are being outed like undercover CIA agents from darthchenneys office. This is not the story although I would suspect it to be true. The truth is this guy was purchasing Homosexual sex under the name Art for awhile and it was going to come out. Hypocrisy always seems to surface now or later and the timing does not seem to be timed. This is not the story either. The other funny thing is that these guys always seem to be so shrill in their opposition to the behaviours they are secretly doing that it seems incredible when the story does come out. It seems beyond belief. Mark Foley exR-FL who loved to doink underage boys in the House Page program was the biggest, loudest promoter of legislation against the molest of children. He was the Chairman of the committee. He was doing his best the whole time to have sex with children. Ted Haggard is a loud proponent of the Man-Woman only marriage amendment.
The real story is a strong element that runs through a certain set of people. Those people tend to fit into the following categories; Conservative, Religious, Rigid, Prejudicial, Evangelical, Fanatical, and Unwilling to look at any other ideas.
Here are some example; the messages from the disasterpresident always come in simple terms, you are with me or against me. You are with the terrorists or with me. You share my knowledge, or you just dont understand.
The messages from Religious Leaders are; you are a sinner or you are saved. You are born again, or you are going to Hell. You are with us, or you do the work of the Devil.
These philosophies were espoused long before these Hypocrites attained power. They all paint the World Black and White. We all intuitively know as Human beings that this just is not so. It is us that we have to blame here. We are the ones looking for the simple messages and the simple explanations for our very complicated lives. So we elevate fools that espouse to have all the answers to positions of power, only to realize that they are so narrowed in their World View by ideology, and so Sexually Repressed by their Religious beliefs that they inevitably succumb to behaviours that are representative of the wider reality around them. They are fraile Humans and deserve forgiveness but not power and certainly not our vote of confidence on Tuesday. Get out and vote. Bring balanced global views back to the political arena for the good of America.
Phillip Wister

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Newsheadline from the disasterpresident the message has changed........he really said this!

Well it is crunch time for the disasterpresident. His kingdom is starting to tumble. He knows it, he feels it, he has Karl Rove doing 'THE MATH' for it. And now he realizes that lying, being pompous, being arrogant, and smoke and mirrors will not fool people for long, even Christians. 6 years we have listened to the rhetoric of his brand of Republican politics. All lies. That is the strategy of Karl Rove, say anything and do what you want, and cover it up afterward. The more stupid it sounds the more people will believe the lie about it. We have a guage for this now that we know the Politics of Fear. We were told about a Mushroom Cloud before, you heard the story of Saddam and Al Qeada being bunk buddies, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Cut and Run, Stay the Course, all nice political slogans of desperation. Remember, he keeps his message simple because he thinks the people and Christians are really stupid. Well, here is the new message, born out of desperation, poor poll numbers, and only used for audiences in Utah, Georgia, Indiana, and Idaho(all places he can still show his face and not get egged);
"If the Democrats win on tuesday, the Terrorists win!"
What are the real messages given?
Message to the Electorate: Democrats are Traitors and Terrorists
Message to the Christians: Vote Republican Morons we need more House Pages to Molest
Message to the Lobbyists: Send money quick or the gravytrain goes away
Message to the Terrorists: Thanks for the havoc, I was out of campaign material
Message to Iraqi puppet government: Better support me or you lose your jobs
Message to the Troops: All that Democracy you were dying for, NOT, it is only to keep me and the Republicans in Power, Oh and I forgot, OIL
Message to the World: I did not like free elections in Florida, Ohio, Lebanon, Gaza, Ukraine, Venezuela, or Equador so why am I going to like a Democracy that votes against me now.....
Get out America and show your power, time for regime change.
Phillip Wister

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