Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Our pockets being picked again......

Why not let big OIL bail out big AUTO.......
Well here we are again. Corporate SOCIALISM run wild. We the tax payor are looking to bail out the auto industry. If we look at who owns the Auto industry, we would say why bother. My blog of 1/9/07 spelled it out well;
Oil Prices Fall About $2 a Barrel to Lowest Levels in 18 Months on Rising Inventories in U.S.

LONDON (AP) -- Oil prices fell about $2 a barrel Tuesday to their lowest levels in 18 months in a market expecting more mild weather and rising inventories in the United States.

Temperatures in the U.S. Northeast have been above normal this winter, curbing demand for heating fuels in the world's largest heating oil market.

The above is just the first catch lines from an AP news post courtesy of Google where most of you search and get your news today. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE NEWS? I posted a blog in early October regarding Oil prices and supply and demand. I warned then that Big Oil was lowering gasoline prices($2.15 per gallon) in the face of rising Oil prices($68 per barrel) at the time to ease the Republican midterm election. Did anyone listen? Maybe. I said that after the election there would be higher prices because win or lose, Big Oil would not need to help anyone, just themselves to gross, unheard of profits. These profits come from you and me. Are you ready to still buy gas guzzeling cars America? Are you ready to continue with the same popaganda campaign from American auto makers for the global damaging cars that they have to give you incentives to buy? The price of a barrel of Oil is less than $59. The price of a gallon of gasoline now is $2.55 now. Lets see.......that means supply and demand work opposite than what I learned in school. I was taught with more supply price goes down. I am so glad to live in America, the land of the FREE MARKET, where Oil prices go down and the cost of gasoline miraculously goes UP. That is not the only thing, the profits of Big Oil go up also. You know what does go down? The cost of GAS GUZZELING autos goes down. Since the Republicans are no longer for sale in Congress because they were marginalized by the American People, the only way Big Oil can shove their profits down the throats of the American public now is to control their driving habit. See the website below for the details of Big Oils ownership of the American Auto Industry and therefore The Gas Guzzelers that We 'Choose' to drive.

ownership of shares by company of GM stock:
Chevron $469,000,000 worth
Exxon $844,000,000 worth
Connoco Phillips $312,000,000 worth
BP $82,000,000 worth
other $404,000,000 worth

Boy you would think that these companies have a vested interest in America buying gas guzzeling cars. I guess if I was making 10 billion dollars a quarter like Exxon, I would have a vested interest.
There are a couple of Dirty Harry questions that you have to ask yourself.
Was it worth having the Rebulicans giving tax breaks to Big Oil?
Was it worth getting rid of alternative energy vehicles at the cost of the Environment?
Was it worth turning economics on its head to put money in the pockets of a few rich Corporations?
We have to demand a fair society, where market forces are governed by market forces and not the manipulations of a few wealthy corporations with the purchase of government co-conspiritors(Read Republicans). You elected people to Represent a new direction for our society, hold their feet to the fire.

I do know why we got rid of the electric vehicles in the 70's and I do know why we have not been able to build other than gas guzzlers. So lets figure, Exxon made 33 billion dollars last year with the last quarter yet to be counted. They could actually bail out the auto industry, and tuck away a tidy profit of 8 billion dollars. We could keep buying the gas guzzlers that they direct the big 3 auto makers to build, and they would still OWN, with the rest of Big OIL, two profitable industries. Hey they could even lobby Congress so that we still consume FOREIGN OIL at a higher rate......Wait a second. They already have done that.
Like the price of gas now? It has no relationship to the real price that they are paying in the world. So go out and buy that SUV that is on sale now. Cheap gas is designed to make you feel better so you will continue to purchase the gas hog. The industry keeps saying we did not build green cars because America did not want green cars. Of course, they did not tell you that it was their advertising that got you out to buy the crap they were selling, rather than what America really wanted. That is really why smaller foreign cars gained so much market share in the last two decades. Big Oil through Big Auto are trying to pick your packets again. Do you feel it America?
Phillip Wister

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