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43 billion dollars. That is how much the disasterpresident wants more for the war. This dwarfs the amount that would have insured childrens health care that the traitor in the disasterwhitehouse vetoed. This brings the war to 200 billion this year. The suicide rate among our troops is higher than in any previous war in our history. Do they know something is wrong? Over 70% of Americans are against the war. Do they know something is wrong? The coalition of the suckups is melting away before our eyes, even those lap dogs the British. Do they know something is wrong? More information leaks out of this disasteradministration than out of the New York Times press office and the Washington Press corps still bow and scrape for the disasterpresident. Do they know something is wrong? The troops are dying and getting maimed and coming home with horrible emotional scars. Do they know something is wrong? And every General that retires from the Military recently comes out and now tells us what a quagmire Iraq is and what ASSHOLES we have for political leaders. Do they know something is wrong?
We had an election in '06. We elected a House of Representatives with a majority of Democrats. We elected a Senate with a majority of Democrats. We the People knew SOMETHING WAS WRONG and did something about it. We made a mistake. We elected FUCKING PUSSIES where we thought that we were electing real MEN and WOMEN to the office to do the job of STOPPING the WAR. Instead, without realizing it, we elected FUCKING PUSSIES. The disasterpresident will get his 42 billion and anything else he wants because FUCKING PUSSIES refuse to stand up and voice the will of the people in OUR CONGRESS. The People will eventually stand up and take back the power from these traitors that are running our Democracy into the ground. When we do, no one that supported this GENOCIDE in the Middle East on behalf of Israel will be spared being sent to the Hague for WAR CRIMES, even the FUCKING PUSSIES, THE DEMOCRATS.
I apologize to readers of this blog. I have never before used profanity, but I am now so frustrated with ALL the Traitors to Democracy in Washington that I am losing my restraint.

Sunday, October 07, 2007


These idiots are the ones that want our soldiers dead.....

This is the reason that we fight in Iraq.....for Israel!

Thanks to blu for passing this vid along


The Iranian threat

We have heard a lot of spin and propaganda from the disaster administration about how Iran is a threat. Iran's president was not allowed to lay a wreath at the site of the attack on New York. I guess the disasteradministration is now going to sell the idiots in this country that still listen that Iran had something to do with the attack on New York. There will be idiots like this......Karl Rove is still calling the disasterwhitehouse making suggestions.
Let's examine what the real truth might be. The International Atomic Energy Agency of the UN meets in Vienna has reported on this almost quarterly since the disasterpresident first started making his threats against Iran. I had the privilege of sitting in the audience and watching these procedings once upon a time. They have reported that Iran is years away from building an atomic bomb. They have reported that Iran is in compliance with their standards. Well, we did not listen to the inspectors in Iraq either........
Iran has been and is constantly being threatened by two nuclear powers as well as attacked covertly. Both the US and Israel have been conducting covert operations against Iran for quite some time. The US just recently in June turned away a first strike by Israeli warplanes over Iraq heading for what is thought to be Iran's nuclear laboratory. I guess the US is not quite as stupid militarily as we thought. I wish the State Department worked as well.
Iran is being blamed for the new super explosives that are killing our soldiers in their inadequate vehicles courtesy of the disaster administration. Gee, who would really be interested in us bogged down in a war that we could not win that would drain our power? Russia and China come to mind. And yes they are the same people who have been supplying weapons to the 'insurgents' and anyone else who will buy. Do you thing that the US is the only country that sells(profits from) weapons to whoever will buy them in the world no matter how heinous their regime. That is just not the way capitalism works boys and girls, we profit no matter what.
Iran is a complicated regime. It is pretty obvious that they have enough problems without being buddies with Al Queda as the disasterpresident would have you believe. Gasoline is more expensive there than here. Some parts of Iran gas cant be had at any price. Most of their population is below 35. Try running a theocratic dictatorship with that kind of demographic, no small task.
The Revolutionary Guards in Iran were set up because Iran completely got rid of the Shahs very strong western army. Instead, Iran took a bunch of thugs that believe in the rule of the mullahs, pledge to the Koran and terrorize the civilian population that is very western in thinking and attitude. Their leaders are fat old men that survived the terrible war with Iraq. They have implemented no real military training or structure to the Revolutionary Guard and needless to say discipline is lacking. They have incidents all the time that is an embarrassment to their administration. They are not a threat.
We should wake up and see who really wants to keep us bogged down and lose another war, Russia. The guys in charge there were mid-level managers when their Afghanistan War took place. They know full well that we were behind the insurgency there and Osama as one of the main functionaries. Who do you think has stockpiles of weapons with which they have been flooding the market? Russia. Who would love to see us fall on our ass? Russia. Who do you think would like to get some revenge for the suffering they experienced through the war and after the collapse of Russia? Russia. Their Afghan War generation are the people just coming to power. You think that they will be pissed off that we funded and armed the people that maimed them in their War.
Iran as a government has no interest in keeping an unstable state(s) on either side of them. Iran is trying to protect themselves against the next problem, oil running out. With nuclear power they can keep the lights on. They were importing oil from Iraq before this latest war!
When are we going to turn off the propaganda and really look at what our foreign policy should be. It needs to benefit the American people and not just Israel. It needs to look at our real competition in the world, Russia and China. They will present the real challenge to the US in the next decade.


Neo-con hypocrites sending our children to slaughter

I continue to be amazed at the bare fiction that is portrayed by the Neo-cons and their inferred Iconic histories. What got me started was the whole idea that a rus limbaugh could dare to say in public that our troops are somehow less than honest. They are somehow less than good soldiers. They somehow dont deserve our respect. The fat hypocrite could dare to infer that he has some knowledge in this area of reality. Spewing out the repetition of propaganda by this administration is tough work, but he takes us overboard when he pushes the glory of the war and our sons and daughters in harms way when during his opportunity to serve he proved to be a COWARD. Thank you Army of Dude for the follow:

"Rus(h) found after dropping out of his first year of college at Southeast Missouri State University in 1969-1970, he found himself on draft status. Nothing that a claim of an old football injury or a boil on the ass can take care of, though! The medical deferment he was referring to was a pilonidal cyst, which apparently is a clump of severely ingrown hairs. That barred him from enlistment, and I'm sure he was ecstatic. After all, there was a war on. Here's a first hand account of the surgery that was done to correct it. She claims that in eight weeks, it was perfectly healed. Rus(h) is willing to sacrifice the lives of Americans in Iraq but not his own ass (literally) in a simple surgery. I waited a year to get in, and he didn't try. Boy, do I really give an effort at being a phony soldier!"

Let's examine more Neo-con hypocrites shall we.

Paul Wolfowitz: The closest he got to military service was working in the Pentagon during the 70's. Then he was for arms control and preventing wars. He was a Democrat then go figure. He later became a Republican, quickly changed his stance on war(never having served his country)to chickenhawk. He also started having a series of affairs in the late 90's and left his wife. The latest girlfriend he got such a wonderful job at the World Bank that it got him fired. So much for Republican family values, I guess the disasterpresidents Christian cover story does not apply to paul because he is Jewish.

Richard Perle(or nicknamed "the Prince of Darkness"): The closest he got to military service was helping negotiate the wheat deal with the Russians under Richard Nixon for then Senator Henry Jackson (D) Washington. Perle is also a registered Democrat go figure. He is still married although he too does not fall under the Christian cover because he is also Jewish. This last fact tends to be his defining influence in the disasteradministration. He took $50,000 from an Israeli company who just happen to win, with his lobbying efforts, large Pentagon contracts. He along with Feith and Wurmser(two other disasteradministration WAR CRIMINAL chickenhawks) wrote "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm". This was the latest attempt to get Israel to not be so SOCIALIST. He also is a Director of the Jerasulem Post and has his vacation home in Southern France. So much for freedom fries.

Dick Chenney: Enough said. 5 student deferments during Viet Nam, prove him to be just about the biggest chickenhawk of this disasteradministration. He continues to rack in millions of dollars from Haliburton from contracts and 'exclusive contracts'(which did not even happened in WWII which these TRAITORS continue to tie this invented war). He has proved two faced to the public and the men in uniform. He has violated numerous laws as well as ignoring the constitution and civil liberties in the pursuit of his agenda, whatever that is. If his agenda is personal wealth, he has succeeded. If his agenda is personal power, he has succeeded. If his agenda is securing Democracy and protecting the constitution, he deliberately failed. If his agenda is protecting the American people, we are now the targets of every extremist around the world, he deliberately failed. He is still married, but disowns his gay daughter. Oh, his little hunting trip, gee, they were drinking and had 'other' women along on the trip. That is why they needed a few days to come out with a good story.

And nearly last but not least(there is not enough room for all the chickenhawk TRAITORS in this blog)the disasterpresident of the United States. Where should we begin? He went bankrupt in every business adventure that he was ever in charge, and then mysteriously was rescued by money from Saudi Arabia. He was tipped off by the CIA(Dad was in charge of it)to dump his stock in an oil company heavy in the Gulf and afterward the stock tanked. He joined up in the Texas Air National Guard ahead of a long waiting line of applicants(I guess they did not have Daddies that were Congressmen). He never reported to his post, never had to be tested for the illegal drugs in his system, never reported for his physical, and spent his time on political campaigns. Anyone who did this now would be called a TRAITOR, DESERTER, DRAFT DODGER, DRUG ADDICT, and if your Daddy has enough pull and influence in the Middleast, the President of the United States. Of course we know the rest of the story, he has become the disasterpresident of the United States. He has let Americans die for no good reason, other than he is incompetent, lazy, and profiting from the foreign policy that he has set in motion. Yes, the Pretzel still has about 20% of the population(MORONS) still believing that Saddam had something to do with the attack on New York.

And now I will talk about my local Congressman Dan Lungren. He is a big chickenhawk TRAITOR to our country and our values. His father happened to be the man that performed Dans physical for military service. His Dad found that poor Dan had physical problems for which he was pronounced 4F for military service. And Dan was just chomping at the bit to go to Viet Nam. I guess the fact the Dan was so let down by this that now he is sublimating his desire to serve in combat(CHICKENSHITHAWK) that he is sending our sons and daughters to the slaughter in Iraq. He cant answer questions why they are there at his town meetings. He cant answer why he voted against funding children's health care other than repeating the disasteradministration line. He cant answer why his own children will not serve in the military other than he has a firm belief in avoiding any service to your country that might get you killed. Way to go Dan Lungren, chickenshithawk par excellance........

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Stop the Genocide in Palestine, Its up to you........

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