Wednesday, December 20, 2006


The Devil will use words to confuse you.......

The disasterpresident's spin house with Karl Rove at the helm is at it again. They wanted to send more of our troops to Iraq. This would be an ESCALATION of the War by the disasterpresident. Gee, what does this remind you of.........Hmmmm.......Johnson escalated the War, Nixon escalated the War. Thats right! Vietnam! But we dont want to remind people of Vietnam. The American public did not like Vietnam.

Even though this war is as fruitless as Vietnam, eventhough we have no mission in Iraq, eventhough the Iraqi puppet government is corrupt like the puppet government of Vietnam that we set up, THIS IS NOT AN ESCALATION! We will call it a SURGE in troops. That should confuse people until we get the troops there and then it will be too late to withdraw. SURGE is such a friendly name. It does not tell the story of the thousands of killed and maimed American sons and daughters that will be coming home from the SURGE. Sounds like a High School Football game. It is not. These are the captains of the Military-Industrial-complex that Eisenhower warned us about, coopting our Democracy to forward their Corporate goals with our disasterpresident and darthchenney being the standard bearers.
The non-thinking Americans out there that still support these Traitors to American Values will cheer lead with their plastic flags.
The people that think in this country will protest and make a little noise, while these Traitors usurp the momentum of the last election and use stall tactics and nice slogans to ESCALATE the war to where we cannot get out now!
The other nice phrase that continues to be bought by the twinky swilling American public is INSURGENCY. No, this is a CIVIL WAR we have stimulated and now have our troops sitting in the crossfire. This is a CIVIL WAR that continues to kill innocent Iraqi civilians by the thousands each week. People from one side or the other are being dragged out of their home in broad daylight and killed. CIVIL WAR! No amount of SURGE will stop these deaths now. This will just put our troops in the middle of the CIVIL WAR. But wait! Take out the middle five letters from this nice disasterpresidential slogan word IN SURGE NCY and what so you get? You get the new slogan to ESCALATE the war, SURGE. Did everyone get the subliminal nature of the advertising coming out of the disasterwhitehouse? I thought not.
Dont be fooled again America.
Phillip Wister

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