Sunday, August 20, 2006


What the Disasterpresident has bought us.

Have you looked around in the world lately. We dont have alot of friends. "Old Europe" doesnt care for us. The Arab World, who we are trying to bring the wonders of freedom and capitalism, are blowing themselves up to kill us. We support the unrelenting genocide of the Palestinians by Israel and they dont like us. Israel does not like us either, only our money and weapons; the last three major spy cases prosecuted in the United States were people spying for Israel. Is this the work of a strong Ally in the War on Terror? Latin America is none to keen on following our vision. All the disasterpresident has done is to legitimize rigged elections. Everyone south of the border are feeling pretty good about their elections now that they have seen the results of Florida and Ohio. Hugo Chavez doesnt seem to be on the White House guest list. He does supply a significant amount of oil to our country, I would think the Pretzel would be treating him like Saudi Royalty. But, none of Hugo's citizens have flown plans into our buildings, I guess you have to draw the guest list to the White House on some criteria.
It has become evident that we are isolated. It is strange to think that after WWI we choose a policy of Isolation. We turned our backs on the world and their problems. Now we have a disasterpresident reaching out and exporting (his brand of)Americanism to the world and they are the ones turning their backs on us now. The disasterpresident got this done very effectively. He has promoted or enhanced all the major military engagements going on in the world today. We could make an exception of Sri Lanka, Kashmir and Congo. That means Afghanistan and all the people killed in that conflict are the responsibility of the United States. That means you and me.
We have the disasterpresident to thank for this. I think oil companies also have some cupability being as how the first act of the new Karzai government was to sign for a huge oil pipeline across Afghanistan. Good luck protecting it. All the death and destruction in Iraq is our responsibility courtesy of the pretzel and his various minions, Darth Chenney, Rumy, and that idiot Bolton at the UN. In the INVASION and OCCUPATION of Iraq to date, we are responsible for the murder(this was a pre-emptive war, completely volitional and premeditated on our part)of 30,000 Iraqis by the pretzels figures, and 120,000 by the figures of the British medical journal, The Lancet. I am amazed. The disasterpresident went on TV, in front of God and everyone and took responsibility for the Murder of 30,000 people from another country and most Americans yawned. This is Hitler addressing the world and saying, "Yeah, the whole Polish invasion was a farse. Sorry so many Poles died. I just thought we could run the country better than the leaders they had......" I thought Mr disasterpresident that you were a Christian? Lets Christians promote genocide(30,000 people qualify for this label) well by all historical accounts they do. So the disasterpresident is right, this is a Crusade!
Now lets examine the good we could not do since we are busy killing people in another part of the world. Darfur. I almost dont have to say more. This is the Rwanda of this administration. Yes folks Bill Clinton is responsible for this evil history in the world. He did nothing. Just another genocide on the African continent. We could stop Darfur today. We have the power to stop this evil in the world. The Pretzel has done nothing. He has managed to kill alot of people in another section of the globe and pretend that he could not do something. In the end, we are not safer, we have not stopped an evil, and we have two more peoples that hate us, both sides of that conflict will despise us for not doing anything.
Did I forget to mention our promotion of the 6th Arab-Israeli War. The WAR disasterpresident believes pre-emptive war is a fine foreign Policy. We encouraged Israel to INVADE and MURDER(read: commit GENOCIDE) Lebanese civilians. After we gave Israel the green light, we could not get supplies and munitions to Israel fast enough. We had to violate our treaties with Britian and Germany by flying resupply to Israel through their airfields to rush enough bombs to turn Lebanon into rubble. Not the first treaties that the pretzel has let go in the name of spreading Democracy. Now it looks like downtown Kabul, or Rahmadi or Bagdad(except for the Green Zone) or anywhere else that we have let Freedom Ring. Way to go America. Not only are we responsible for killing people directly, we can now spread the wealth and pretend to spread Democracy through Israels destruction of its neighbors. That will make us alot of friends in the World. I wonder why we cannot send troops to help protect the Jewish state? Maybe it is the 260 some marines that we lost last time trying the same foolish thing? Not the sign that we are well liked in the World.
The disasterpresident has placed a bullseye squarely on the back of every American traveling anywhere in the world. Our troops will not be taken prisoner because we have declared the new rules of War, no Geneva Convention. They will be taken alive to be tortured and then beheaded, probably with video, which the disasterpresident will then use to win the hearts and minds of the few Americans left stupid enough to follow this nonsense. We are despised by everyone because they know that we are comfortable being spoon fed our information by Fox and Rupert Murdoch and they know we dont know the truth of what is really happening. We are spoiled children telling the World that we want more, when so many do with so much less. We let Israel run our foreign policy for their own interest at the detriment of the American People. We prosecute our young men and women in uniform for reacting to the horror in which we engulfed them, instead of bringing them home where they belong. They fight with courage and loyalty with the feeling that God is on their side(the pretzel says this all the time)but so did the Germans during WWII. When do we as a people wake up from the delusion that Military might translates to projection of power, influence, prestige, infallibility, and friendship around the World.
Good night and good luck.

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