Sunday, May 14, 2006


The disaster president learns new words

This is new. The disasterpresident said “I'm the decider”. Lets take a look at what he has decided, shall we?
Before he was ensconced as the disasterpresident, he owned an oil company. It went by many names to protect the innocent. He turned out to be a poor manager of business. He led a fledgling company to the brink of disaster in his carefree management style. He decided at this point to do business with the bin Laden family. What a great bunch of folks. The disasterpresident was not the sharpest knife in the family drawer and needed these new found rich friends to bail out a failing company that went by many names. They did.
Who did he get to help him do this? Well, he decided on a guy named Bath. This is a real nice fella, connected at the time to the CIA(an associate of Daddy who ran the CIA at the time) that he briefly met in the Air National Guard for Texas. It is a wonder that they ever met at all because the future disasterpresident of the United States was never there for duty. He deserted his post in time of war, but TREASON is something that he has decided to do at other times. It runs in the blood of the family. I like consistency.
The great company that got bailed out, got folded into a company called Harken Energy. Amazingly, Harken Energy with the young disasterpresident on its board and over 800,000 shares in his pocket, was herded by this young captain of industry(whose daddy just happened to be the vice-president by this time) toward a very lucrative contract with Bahrain. You remember these nice fellas. They are the ones that were going to take over ownership of key American ports. The disaster president has liked these fellas for quite a long time. He decided that it would be just fine for a foreign, Middle Eastern country to control our major ports, just as he managed with Daddys' help to get a lucrative bailout for Harken Energy from these same Middle Eastern powers. The disasterpresident has a long relationship with Bahrain. He is such good friends that he is willing to continue this friendship by allowing a deal for them to take over key ports in the United States. This after the largest attack on the mainland United States by a foreign, Middle Eastern power(not Iraq or Afghanistan).
The great decider moved on. He decided that he did not like oil so much and just weeks before the invasion of Kuwait, he decided that he would sell his Harken stock and buy part of a Baseball team. Some say it was just dumb luck. He got rid of Harken Energy stock just before its stock tanked. I think a majority of Americans agree with this sentiment now, but there are those nay-sayers that think that his father being the first traitorpresident, tipped off his son as to the impending peril of his investment choices. Good decision Dad. You saved your Middle Eastern friends a lot of money bailing out your son again for his poor investment decisions. Well, the disasterpresident did not have much luck with Baseball either. He got out of that industry with his pants on fire.
The next great decision the great decider made that had an impact on all of us was to ignore the threats coming from the Middle East to America. Especially the threat outlined in the NSA briefing to the President in August of 2001. This was titled “Bin Laden determined to attack the United States”. In this report which the disasterpresident stated he did not read, speculated that terrorists might use commercial airliners to attack the United States. Gee, this sounds so familiar. But I guess if you have so many friends in the Mideast and they have been so gracious as to bail out the numerous bad business adventures that you have taken, and their name was bin Laden, I guess you naturally would not imagine that they would attack the country you just managed to steal an election in. Because in your new position of power you could throw a few contracts their way, like maybe some ports. But it must be admitted that the attack on New York has certainly provided the disasterpresident with a political wave which he rode right to the sand, and Americans let him do it.
The next great decision the great decider made (besides Iraq, that is a whole different level of disaster) was to sit by and watch New Orleans perish. It was classic pretzelboy. First, disaster comes in. Hurricane Katrina is seen on the satellite heading to New Orleans. Incompetent political flunkies, from the organization (Homeland Security, sounds like an old Soviet Union slogan)that was the administrations response to ward off threat and disaster to America, notify the White House daily on the storm. Storm hits New Orleans causing disaster and complete lack of control and coordination of all services. This went on for 5 days. What did the disasterpresident do? He denied any knowledge and blamed others. It was the Senators fault(a Democrat). It was the Mayors fault(a Democrat). He could not blame Clinton for this one, so he came out and said he'll find out who was to blame and got rid of Michael Brown. Of course, Brown was an incompetent choice by the administration in the first place. Denial rung hollow after the video came out from the briefings of the disasterpresident of the storm and he still did nothing.
In the end, the great decider has really decided nothing. He decided nothing during the Katrina disaster. He decided nothing during the attack on New York. He decided nothing(not a single veto) while the Republican Congress has spent more money in 5 years than the Clinton administration allowed to be spent in 8 years. He has not balanced the budget, there is no surplus to show for that spending.
What did he do? He violated our civil rights by taping our phones and storing our phone records. He unilaterally ended numerous treaties on arms control and human rights. He committed Crimes against Humanity by the Illegal invasion of a sovereign country in a preemptive war. He has held civilian prisoners from 50 countries around the World in captivity(both secretly and not) with no due process, a violation of domestic and international law. He has made our lives and the lives of many other people in the world unsafe. America, I give you the Great Decider.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


DisasterPresident: The Disaster President of the United States; the begining of the end.

DisasterPresident: The Disaster President of the United States; the begining of the end.

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