Monday, January 30, 2006


The Disaster President of the United States; the begining of the end.

Here we are in the fifth year of the disaster presidency and here I am just getting around to publishing this. Sorry America, but I have been just as lazy as you to do something really about the disaster that sits in the White House. Maybe it is the sugar, fat, and carbs you get at the local fast food place that has you sitting back fat and happy, lounging peacefully in your sugar high, unable to think rationally about your civil right. No that takes thinking, and being(staying) in your old Brain, your reactive Brain, you respond to fear much better, because after all, that is how the primitive Brain is programed in EVOLUTION to respond. Unfortunately, fast food is what you can afford because more than likely, you or one of your family is working at the fast food place because it presents the best chance at getting that extra job you need to bring in extra money to make ends meet. Everyone tells us how well the economy is doing, right?
I want to start with a simple fact that everyone should know because it came from the Disaster President, and we all know that he does not lie. We all know that if Pretzel Boy(this is a euphemism for the Disaster President the time he tonsil wrestled a pretzel to a draw) does not read. He has stated so on numerous occasions. If he did read we would have averted the biggest foreign attack on the continental United States since 1812. He was on an extended vacation, summer was ending, and he was cozy in his ranch with his pretzels by his side. The Brief on his desk, the one featured in pictures of aides handing it to him for a Photo Op, read: Bin Laden intent on attacking the United States. This would have been some important reading; but I understand how it is when you spend all day in front of the camera, cutting away brush on your ranch on taxpayer time, Photo Op at the golf course with the boys on taxpayer time, fishing with Dad(who gets his own Government Check) , on taxpayer time. And dare I add, planning the attack on Iraq. Yes the plans were in the works according to many different sources. Generals were removed from the Joint Chiefs to pave the way. That is for the future of my blog.
Yes, a lovely August it was on the ranch. Muzzled were agents of the FBI in Phoenix office who uncovered all these suspicious Arabs learning how to fly a plane but not how to land it, hmmm... No alert status for the Military who would protect us from air attack, hmmm... And of course no word from the special Delta Force unit tracking these guys in the United States who turn up unable to testify at the Commission and later to Congress, hmmm... Why not let them testify? The attack went off as planned; but as who planned?
I just heard the thump of every liberal conspiracy junkies Heart out there. Please do not think that I am a conspiracy nut. Conspiracy would take planning and the neo-cons by their very nature are mercenary in their values and abilities. They could not dream up an imagination. No they let the stinch of 55 years of failed, self-aggrandizing foreign policy by the United States ooze up to fruition in the form of a second attack by people who got the long end of our Big Stick diplomacy.
Yes, he said second attack. The first attack was in 1996, planned, pitiful and Bill Clintons' administration caught them, prosecuted them, and sent them away as long as they could. That is what I like about a President that can read stuff. Remember the World Trade Center bombing? Neither does the Disaster President because he did not read the papers back then either.
The biggest foreign attack on the continental United States since 1812 could have been prevented if we had a President who reads stuff, atleast the Presidential stuff. It could have been prevented if we had a National Security advisor(Rice) at the time who had more than an academic/corporate grasp of anything but Cold War Politics(The Soviet Union was gone then 12 years). It could have been prevented if we did not have a Defense Secretary Rumsfeld(on his way out at the time) who was focusing the Military on operations in the MiddleEast(READ: Iraq). Finally, it could have been prevented if the Disaster President had actually listened(Remember, he does not read)to the fine, career staff at the CIA, and some career staff in the NSA that had worked in Afghanistan with these people against the Soviets. The Disaster President would have learned; DUH its' our foreign policy that they hate not us.
We needed to take a good long look at our foreign policy and start being consistent with our morals and our professed Christian values. We support Dictator over Democracy all over the world. We have been famous to turn a blind eye to Governments that tortured and oppressed their own people in the name of Capitalism. We have encouraged the exploitation of natural resources with the help of oppressive regimes at the expense of local populations and now we dont understand why they dont like us. But the Disaster President does not read stuff, so does not know any of this. He just is a good ol' boy from Texas, and if thars oil there, we wants it.
This was the real primitive agenda of the neo-cons with Pretzel Boy as their figure head. They simply started out with an agenda and no plan and exploited the events, the attack on New Yorks' World Trade Center, to carry out their agenda.
Good night, and good luck.

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